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(Special kudos to the FarragoFiction sprites, used in the intro clip of the presentation.)
Below you'll find a list of projects featured in our video, in reverse order of their appearances. (You may need to scroll on mobile.)

Project Status AO3 MSPFA Other
(Hades mod)
Pre-Alpha OUT NOW! Replaces Athena with Jade. Download link to the right!
(fanfic​/​audio drama, 3.2k words​/​16 minutes)
(Everything Everywhere All at Once crossover fusion)
AO3 Logo. MSPFA Logo. YouTube Logo.Miroware Pipe Logo.
A Bed of Roses
(fanfic, 65k words)
(Harry Potter crossover fusion, Girl-Who-Lived AU, character inserts)
Chapter 18 (3.3k words) is LIVE!(New!) AO3 Logo. MSPFA Logo. SV Logo. SB Logo. FFN Logo.
Got the server working, here's the invite link:
(Alpha kids modern day AU chatfic, MSPFA version preferred)
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(Worm crossover fusion, Vrisrezi reincarnation AU, cracky, custom CSS)
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Hi! I'm EtchJetty (she/they)!
I created Homesturdle Logo. , Scratch Logo. ERIJAN CENTRAL , and some ambitiously-formatted fanfics and fanventures on MSPFA Logo. MSPFA and AO3 Logo. AO3 .

You can find links to my profiles (YouTube, Twitter, MSPFA, AO3 etc) at AO3 Logo.!

Below, I'll link some other projects of mine, separated into "Homestuck" and "not-Homestuck."
Project MSPFA Other
Rose Lalonde: In A Pickle
(fanfic, 902 words)
(silly one-shot with sincere Rosemary content, MSPFA preferred)
MSPFA Logo. AO3 Logo.
rose we dont have "arcs" we are just human beings
(fanfic, two pesterlogs, conversation on the meteor (and much, much later) co-written by Jan.)
MSPFA Logo. AO3 Logo.
the north wind blows my DAVE
(MSPFA, 4 panels)
(a fun experiment in writing Dave Strider's voice as he explains Aesop's fable of the North Wind)
Housetrapped (Reboot)
(fanventure, proof-of-concept Worm crossover.)
MSPFA Logo. Tumblr Logo.
imagine vriska with chest hair in the shape of the light symbol
(one pesterlog, TF2 crossover fusion. very silly)
AO3 Logo.
MSPA Felt CSS/Pagination Styletest
(CSS extravaganza, proof that you can have multiple pages within one chapter on AO3)
AO3 Logo.
Billie and Thea's Excellent Post-Scratch Adventure
(fanventure (no art), proof-of-concept Bill and Ted 3 crossover.)
SB Logo.
Omake: No Hope
(recursive fanfic, first Homestuck thing I ever did)
AO3 Logo. SV Logo. SB Logo.
Housetrapped (Original) [S] Pages
(first link is to [S] Joan: Enter, second link is to [S] Katy: Open the door enough to talk to him.)
YouTube Logo. YouTube Logo.
(transfem clone trooper story)
MSPFA Logo. AO3 Logo.
freedom so liberating that we call it magic
(transfem zelda oot + bonus tetra wind waker content)
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Rosalina's Storybook MSPFA Port
(CSS extravaganza)