What is this? Who are you?

Welcome to ERIJAN CENTRAL! This site is a living repository of my Homestuck classpect headcanons, themed after one of those late 2000s to early 2010s fandom websites. Think the 39 Clues website or the original version of Pottermore, with games, interactive in-universe tools, etc.

I'm EtchJetty (girl bowser), the developer of the site, and one of the two writers of ERIJAN (coming 20XX). The other is Nihilistic Janitor , without whom none of this would be possible.

I started programming this site for fun, but then it got pretty feature-rich, and then I saw 4/13 coming up, so, here we are!

You may also know me as the creator of Homesturdle.

What's ERIJAN?

Erijan (inconsistently styled as ERIJAN) is the codename for a Homestuck fanfic that does not currently exist in a readable state. Written by Nihilistic Janitor and co-written by myself (mostly in the span of five months starting in January 2021) the project, which started as, "hey, eridan ampora is the WORST, what if we just, replaced him," ballooned into essentially a full rewrite of Homestuck, complete with custom game mechanics and blah blah blah blah.

The story itself isn't going to be published until the vague date of 20XX (we don't want to set any time pressure for ourselves). Even though it's not finished, the Classpecting lore is solid enough that this site, which was planned as a "really simple classpect of the day + lookup classpects" tool, started to take shape, and as Homestuck is wont to do, expand in scope.

Erijan is named after Eridan Ampora + Nihilistic Janitor, Nihilistic Janitor being the primary author of the story.

What's Housetrapped?

In November 2020, I briefly ran a Homestuck text-based RP for a group of friends. I had a total blast working on it, but life happened, and the RP dissolved right as work on Erijan started. Much of the original Housetrapped lore ended up being repurposed in Erijan. None of this is important, lmfao

In January 2022, I tried rebooting the RP, which didn't really go anywhere, but in the process, since two of my friends hadn't finished Homestuck, I wrote up what ended up being essentially a full length guide to all of Homestuck's mechanics. It can be found on the Classpect Search page, as well as on its own in full.

What are Dual Classpects?

Jan and I had a theory that Muse and Lord were actually made from different standard classpects, just, added together. The natural thing to do, of course, was to finish multiplying out the grid.

Then we did all the Aspects, too. So now we have over 100 fan Classes and Aspects total.

Anyway, in short, you can now add two Classpects together. Nice!

Check the Tumblr in coming days for a full list of all canon sprite-fused Dual Classpects. (As a preview, Davepetasprite^2 is a Hunter of Pulse.)

What's Homestuck?

Homestuck was, at one point, a webcomic. It is now instead available as a desktop application here.

What's Homesturdle?

  1. Wordle is a daily word game created by Josh Wardle .
  2. react-wordle is an open source clone of Wordle made using the React framework.
  3. Homesturdle is an open source clone of the open source clone, made by me, someone who does not know how the React framework works, at all.

It's now available to play on this site, though the old links should still work as well. Guess the Homestuck Troll in less than four tries, and you win! New troll every day, until you run out of new canon trolls, which has already happened at least once, lmao

Do you have a Tumblr?

Last year, I made https://classpectpokerap.tumblr.com, a blog that was meant to serve... more or less the function of this website. I ended up doing nothing with it at the time, but in the coming days, I'll be kick-starting it with several theoryposts, as well as opening it up for Asks!


This website would not be possible without the combined help of so many people. In no particular order:

  • Rose Davidson
    • For helping my Python be less terrible, in addition to being awesome
  • FlaringK
    • For inspiring my recent deep dive into HTML + CSS/JS, and giving visual feedback on the site itself
  • TheSleepingKnight , Chartic , and ashfall
    • For being the original players of Housetrapped, and so kindly letting me use their words in the interactive FAQ
  • Discord User Saltrock
    • For giving feedback on the site, including suggesting this very page you're reading!
  • lavendersiren
    • For providing UX feedback on the search page post-launch
  • Others:
  • Bootstrap v5.1.3
    • Website CSS + JS theming
  • Flask
    • Python framework for webhosting
  • PythonAnywhere
    • Python webhosting for frameworks
Special Thanks to
  • Nihilistic Janitor

Get in touch!

This website is NEW! It has BUGS! Probably! If you spot any isues, or have thoughts on anything else, let me know by:

Feel free to also send in Tumblr asks regarding, like, any other part of the site, especially personalized Classpect reads.